Tiny Whoop

Tiny Whoop

From The Drone Magazine at Facebook

Whaaaaaat?!?!? Jesse Perkins Mr.Tiny Whoop himself has opened an official Tiny Whoop store!!….Head on over to check out the awesome selection of gear he’s loaded up for your flying pleasure.

Tiny Whoop

Howdy posse!
Tinywhoop.com is now carrying goggles!! These are a perfect first set and an excellent date/passenger pair. They can be mounted on your head or used as a handheld display. I’m also throwing in a free RHCP Antenna, because the antenna this set contains is LHCP and not compatible with the Tiny Whoop’s FX798T. Many retailers don’t even mention this fact. Don’t worry, we always got your back. Check ’em out!

Source: Drone Magazine – Facebook



These quadcopters let us to see areas that are otherwise challenging to explore.

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