Success with Drones in Civil Engineering: An Accelerated Guide to Safe, Legal, and Profitable Operations (United States Book 2018)

Success with Drones in Civil Engineering: An Accelerated Guide to Safe, Legal, and Profitable Operations (United States Book 2018)



If you are worried that you are missing out on the game-changing benefits from drones, now you’ll have the benefit of others’ experience condensed from leading efforts in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries.

“Small-medium A/E/C firms typically get their first drone at a local retail store. After they have crashed the first two, by the third one they start to get “results.” This book can save your company a lot of precious time and resources – while staying safe and legal.” David McCreary, President, New Age Aerial, Inc.

How can you build, grow, and sustain a safe, legal, productive, and profitable operation with a drone?

To achieve success quickly and efficiently with this highly complex, dynamic, and demanding mission, you’ll gain the benefits of

* Systems Thinking Success with Drones
* Project Management Success with Drones
* Business Success with Drones

Each section is an accelerated lesson in the essential knowledge you need to succeed. You’ll learn:
* How can you build and maintain SAFETY into your operation with a drone?
* How can you make an accelerated and valid BUSINESS PLAN for using a drone?
* What are the MOST PROFITABLE USE CASES for a drone in civil engineering?
* What are all the ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS of an unmanned aerial SYSTEM – besides the drone?
* What are the LEGAL REGULATIONS under FAA Part 107?
* What REQUIREMENTS do many people forget to include or not think about?
* What are ACTUAL COST AND SCHEDULE BENEFITS (and investments) with a drone?
* What are the BIGGEST RISKS to using a drone?
* What are proven STRATEGIES, TACTICS, and TOOLS to manage those risks?
* What SKILLS and RESPONSIBILITIES do you need for yourself and your drone team?
* What are proven SALES and MARKETING methods to sell the idea of using a drone?

In addition to the experience gained from pioneers across industry over recent months and years, the book includes:
Four bonus chapters, including:
* TO BUY (outsource) OR BUILD your drone capability in an engineering firm – key criteria to make the smartest decision
* 30+ illustrations, figures, photos, and tables
* 40+ ADDITIONAL RESOURCES to continue your momentum forward, including
* FINANCIAL DISCOUNTS and DEALS on essential products and services industrial drone operations
* 50+ specific LESSONS LEARNED from actual operations

“As someone dedicated to building a worldwide community of smart and safe drone pilots, this book is a powerful and welcomed tool to help people join us.” Alan Perlman, Founder & President, UAV Coach

Technology, business, and your competition are moving fast. Don’t get left behind. Learn what it takes to have success with a drone in civil engineering – now and for many years ahead.