Property aerial filming showreel with UAV (drone)

Property aerial filming showreel with UAV (drone)

Selection of rushes taken from a variety of recent property shoots by

Property professionals are starting to grasp the benefits of using UAV drones to film or photograph property. Certainly with large countryside residences, commercial premises, retail parks and leisure outlets where the operation of drones is less restricted in the congested urban locations, drones are an ideal tool to film and photograph with.

There are many reasons and benefits of using highly mobile and elevated camera platforms including:

Drones can be placed or flown anywhere – unlike aerial masts which are limited to driveways and can only reach a certain height.

Drones can film – as opposed to just providing aerial stills. A “movie” especially when set to music can be a highly emotive tool for showing the beauty of any property and it grounds.

Filming with drones provides great perspective and and a sense of space – very important when marketing a country estate for example with plenty of land.

Agents, land managers and other property marketeers need to use the best tools possible to show their property. With the huge increase of mobile devices with broadband connections, video is the best for of media to engage the user.

Drone use is novel. We find that many viewers of our films enjoy the footage from an entertainment point of view and very much enjoy seeing real estate from a bird’s eye perspective. These videos have the ability to be more viral as viewers are more likely to share on social media than when there are still photographs or ground based footage.

Drone use is very cost effective. With filming packages starting at £795 + VAT, it can be money very well spent. It is much cheaper than a helicopter and far more intimate, drones can fly very close to building capturing detail in a dramatic way.

Skyvantage provides Aerial filming and photography for the following sectors & professionals:

Estate agents
Construction companies
Leisure facilities
Cultural buildings
Property developers

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