Local drone business soaring to new heights

Local drone business soaring to new heights

RICHLAND, WA – A local business is already flying high. It’s a ‘drone services provider’, and let’s just say you might not know all the angles of the business model. Reporter Mackenzie Maynard had a chance to check it out.

Coming up in a couple of weeks on March 16th, UpAngle will be opening its doors to consumers. They’re a drone services provider located in Richland off Lee Boulevard.

“Four years ago, people didn’t know what a drone was,” said Justin Coronado, co-founder of UpAngle. “Now it’s kind of a bigger thing.”

Even now when you think about drones, you probably think of a certain kind.

“I mean, these just hold like go pros, just like you saw on ESPN.”

But UpAngle works more with a different kind.

“We could be changing this optical zoom lens for a thermal.”

You’ll never guess just how much these run for.

“Dual package, the way they’re set up right now, it’s a $35,000 investment,” Coronado says.

And that’s why UpAngle calls themselves a drone services provider.

“We want to be known for more data and analytics, and more industrial application of things, and more local businesses around here and what they could be doing with them.”

One market they’ve kept an eye on is the Ag market, and specifically how drones are continuously integrating with them.

“Which is perfect for Tri-Cities because we’re right in the center of Ag country, so many different crop varieties and we’ve got a lot of exciting ways to capture data that gives growers different ways to make decisions.”

Every few months, new drones with new technology and greater capabilities are coming out, and for them and their store, they’re able to provide companies with drone services…this all coming after years of educating themselves and finally reaching this moment.

“There’s nothing more than seeing your dreams come to fruition,” said Coronado. “And for us, it’s the storefront opening.”

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