Hover Camera Passport Drone

Hover Camera Passport Drone

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while capturing breathtaking perspectives in 4K video and 13MP photos. Simply open the box, unfold it and start flying. And when you’re done, quickly fold up the drone and tuck it away in your bag as you head off on your next adventure. Simply tap the power button, release the drone and Hover Camera Passport hovers steadily in place. No people, no tripods, just you capturing your moments from new heights and unique perspectives. Your own dedicated photographer Once in the air, Hover Camera Passport automatically finds and follows you (its owner), while recording your everyday life from a completely new angle. It’s all possible thanks to advanced artificial intelligence facial recognition algorithms. Conveniently carry anywhere Stylishly compact and lightweight, Hover Camera Passport goes wherever you do Record 360-degree perspectives with a single tap Access and activate a suite of preset filming modes in the Hover Camera iOS app to get the perfect shot. For example, choose “Orbit”, a shot that circles around you while recording; “360 Spin”, a 360-degree panoramic video; or “Body-Tracking”, which keeps your full body in the frame as you’re filming a run or walk. Share the fun with everyone Immediately share your HD videos or photos with friends and family. Just download everything to the Hover Camera iOS and showcase your one-of-a-kind memories on social media.Autonomously follows you using advanced face and body recognition technology Shoots up to 4K video and captures stunning 13MP photos Control the camera and view live feed via the Hover Camera app on your iPhone or iPad iOS app offers multiple filming modes, including Orbit, 360 Spin and Body-Tracking Extremely lightweight for easy carrying tucks neatly into your bag Safe carbon-fibre enclosures protect your fingers and allow hassle-free indoor flightChoose between autonomous flight or manual control modesBuilt-in non-removable 32GB memoryTo download 4K video from the drone to your Mac



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