FPV Goggles – 68 Inch Virtual Display, 3D Support, AV In, Wireless Connectivity, 200m Range, 960mAh

FPV Goggles – 68 Inch Virtual Display, 3D Support, AV In, Wireless Connectivity, 200m Range, 960mAh

Key Features…Pair these wireless FPV glasses with an action camera or drone camera to enjoy live footage
Supporting AV input these glasses allow you to take your media experience to the next level
Enjoy three hours of continuous usage time with an epic 960mAh battery
When paired with your game console these 3D video glasses take your gaming experience to entire new heights
3D FPV Glasses
Widen your view of the world with these magnificent FPV goggles. Supporting AV in these video glasses can be easily paired with your TV, DVD player, and game consoles such as your x-box or Play Station bringing your media experience entire new heights. Additionally, these video goggles can be connected with drone and action cameras through its wireless connectivity giving you the possibility to view the world from an angle as never experienced before.
Simply sync these FPV glasses with your drone camera and youll be ready for take-off. With its superb video quality and big screen simulation, these video goggles make you feel as if you were personally flying through the sky. From how on your drone will never get lost out of sight again as with these glasses youll be able to see anything your drone is seeing. So sit back, relax, and get ready for take-off with these FPV goggles you are ready to conquer the skies and experience the world from an entirely new perspective.
During those less adventurous days you spent in the comfort of your own home these video glasses allow you to pair them with your DVD player, TV-box, and even game consoles providing you with a first hand and excellent media experience. With its built-in high-quality earbuds, these video goggles further enhance your media experience as from now on you no longer get distracted by neither outside noise nor movement while enjoying your favorite media and games. When paired with your TV- or X-box these video goggles allow you to undergo a realistic gaming experience and cinem

Product Features

  • Widen your visual experience with these wireless FPV glasses. With a 68 Inch wide view screen these video glasses let you enjoy all media in stunning quality.


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