The Professional Drone Pilot’s Manual

The Professional Drone Pilot’s Manual

Drones are everywhere, we all love them. Professional drones operators have a lot to consider before starting their commercial drone project, there’s even more to consider when the time comes to prepare for your first contract. That’s why I wrote this book. When I first set out on my journey to become a professional drone pilot I had little guidance, I learnt things the hard way but you don’t have to. Drones; The Professional Pilot’s Manual was written with the aim of providing prospective pilots all the knowledge I wish someone had given me when I first started out.
In this book you will learn about;
Different types of drones
The varying ways drones are used in commercial projects
Authoring Flight Reference Cards
Your Operating Safety Case
Rules and Regulations
Generating Clients
Quality Control
Flight Tips

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A WALE says:

The only drone guide for professionals… I was given a drone as a Christmas present and I started to look online for information for starting my own drone business. There was very little information online and I wanted to make sure that I was going ahead safely and legitimately. I started to look on Amazon, and although there were many paperback books on flying drones and photography, I needed more information… I then looked to Kindle and found the Professional Drone Pilot’s Manual. I had never downloaded a Kindle book before but…

Amazon Customer says:

Like a lot of people I was a new comer … Like a lot of people I was a new comer to the world of drones and was at a total loss as to learning to develop my recent found love into a professional career. Having searched high and low to no avail I stumbled across this, my initial thoughts were of apprehension as it is a kindle edition and being somewhat of a puritan it was also a new endeavour, however I was easily able to access through my smart phone and what can I say I was more than pleasantly surprised! Brian has thoughtfully and…

A Customer says:

Great Manual for drone owners Really great book, full of useful information, advice and tips. Good easy reading, with step by step guidance. Would recommend to anyone who’s interested in drones. Able to read and understand the manual due to its simple language.

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