Drone Pilot Log

Drone Pilot Log

Designed specifically for operators of UAVs, UAS and small drones, the “Drone Pilot Log” is one of the first-ever logbooks that offers drone pilots the ability to track flight details, visually depict and plan the flying field, and to help maintain record keeping for evolving FAA or local regulatory requirements. Modern, user-friendly, including nearly 200 log entries and 50 operation drawing and planning flight worksheets-this is a must have tool for any drone operator. Columns contain specific entry details for drone operations and also allow space to customize flight entries as needed. Key logbook fields include: – Make, model and ID of drone, UAV or UAS used for operations – Flight location, including takeoff and landing zone – Flight conditions to detail weather, wind, temperature, etc. – Operational issue notation fields – Remarks and comments to annotate flight as required – Piloting time Operation drawing worksheets include space to visually depict: – Flying field – Flight path – Flight logistics – Obstacles and other details related to the flight



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