Drone Catch (The Fearless Trilogy Book 2)

Drone Catch (The Fearless Trilogy Book 2)

She’s perfect and absolutely beautiful, an ideal specimen in every way, she is also a vicious killer, and she should be- her precise engineering demands it.

Book two of The Fearless Trilogy begins five years after the horrific attacks that left thousands dead and the crew of the famed science research vessel Fearless fighting for their lives.

For Alex Moss and his crew of Navy SEAL veterans, the years have helped to heal old wounds, yet painful memories linger. As much as Moss loves the ship he commands, Fearless is a constant physical reminder of the men he lost. She is both his life and yet another violent battleground of his past, a past he will be forced to confront in ways he can never imagine.

For Dr. Thomas Falcon, his five year sentence in Manila’s infamous New Bilibid Prison has come to an end. He finds himself back on the outside though he’s anything but free. Tormented by the horrific events he unwittingly instigated he knows his penitent path is not yet complete. What Falcon doesn’t know is that his spiritual journey has only just begun as he struggles to understand and control the ancient power he possesses.

Drone Catch is another romping high voltage trip that will keep you spinning right through the final pages, so grab another umbrella drink and strap in for the ride.



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