Drone Buzz: A Glance at evolving FPV Drone Racing and Quick Beginner’s Guide to Drone Race.

Drone Buzz: A Glance at evolving FPV Drone Racing and Quick Beginner’s Guide to Drone Race.

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Drone Buzz is a bookazine series that provides the latest information in the world of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles. Before now, the military has exclusive access to the use of drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles, but today, due to technological advancement, this limitation is no longer there. Drones have become a household name and can be purchased in stores by individuals and used in residential areas as well as in aerial photography, cinematography, electronic commerce, surveillance, agriculture, etc. Drone Zone keeps readers and drone enthusiasts with up-to-date information in the world of drones as well as upcoming drone exhibitions and races around the world. The bookazine provides insight into

-The growing popularity of FPV drone racing and basic beginner’s guide
-A market analysis of the top 5 drones and top 2 underwater drones
-Tips on obtaining part 107 drone license to fly commercial drones
-Detailed guide on FAA regulations on flying drones
-How to prevent drone crashes
-Tips on interpreting sectional aeronautic charts and Legend and lots more
The bookazine is also a good induction for beginner and well as advance drone pilots. It also looked at the evolving uses of drones including the introduction of Augus laser technology that has totally revolutionized drone warfare and surveillance.

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