DJI Phantom 1 Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for Go Pro

DJI Phantom 1 Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for Go Pro

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view larger shown with goprohero3+ (not included)view larger ready-to-fly aerial filming rig with gopro mount dji’s phantom quadcopter is the gear of choice for next-generation filmmakers, extreme sports enthusiasts and r/c hobbyists. Despite all the advanced functions, it’s easy to learn, so if you’ve never before owned an outdoor helicopter, this is the place to start. With innovative features such as intelligent orientation control, automatic navigation back to home and a sleek, integrated design, see for yourself why the phantom is the rig used by pros and beginners alike. intelligent orientation control (ioc) at the flip of a switch, you can change the phantom from flying relative to its front and back to flying relative to a home point, allowing you to perform sweeping camera motions without losing track of how to make your phantom go in the intended direction. This innovation is made possible by the naza-m autopilot and needs to be turned on before using. Using the included usb cable and downloadable naza assistant software, you can enable ioc and other advanced functions. gopro camera mount the phantom includes a gopro mounting case from dji and holes for the standard gopro housing (shown at left with the gopro hero3+, not included). Tip: use the gopro’s onboard video rotation (flip) setting to adjust for the upside down mounting position. special start sequence simultaneously hold the left joystick to the lower-right while holding the right joystick to the lower left. Both joysticks should be pointing down and toward each other. The phantom’s motors will then start and you can let the joysticks return to their center positions. Gently power up the motors for take-off and you’re flying! to stop the motors, hold the left joystick all the way to the bottom.Fun flying by itself or even better with a GoPro to record the action. Tested with Hero2, Hero3 and Hero3+ models, sold separately.
With an onboard GPS and fail-safe system if transmitter connection is lost.
With a maximum horizontal speed of 22 miles/hour (10 meters/second).
The Phantom’s high tech Naza-M autopilot system lets you configure advanced parameters via software.
Naza M;GPS;Autopilot;IOC;Failsafe;Auto Go home;Low Voltage Protection;10m/s;LED Lights



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