din drones tutorial

din drones tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to:

* Create drones at any pitch & volume
* Move drones around invidually or in large groups
* Change the drone waveform to change the timbre of the sound of all drones.
* Shift the key of the scale over bpm and thereby shift the pitch of the drone mass for interesting fx.


00:42 – Press 1 to goto microtonal keyboard. a, d to scroll left & right. w, s to scroll up and down
01:18 – Press SPACE to mute the lead voice to work with just drones.
01:40 – press BACKSPACE to clear console, press TAB to enter command mode. press ` to fold console.
02:00 – press i to toggle on information display. mouse cursor shows current pitch & volume.
03:05 – press q to create a drone.
03:47 – press . to increase drone master volume. press , to reduce. press / to mute.
04:58 – din is a 3 octave instrument by default. change the number of octaves using the num-octaves command. the current octave number is marked on the middle of every tone range eg., 2/7 ie 2nd octave of 7 octaves. also see http://dinisnoise.org/num-octaves/

06:00 – press e inside a drone to select that drone. now just move mouse to move that drone.
06:55 – not clicking! pressing q 🙂
07:43 – press q and hold down to spray drones.
08:20 – click and drag to select a bunch of drones. press c to delete the selected drones. or you could press e to move the bunch with the mouse.
09:30 – dont want drones to suddenly jump up in volume? create at 0 level. select the bunch and press e to move.
10:50 – you can create n number of drones. but there is only 1 oscillator ie waveform. press 8 to edit the drone waveform. q and e to zoom. w,a,s,d to pan.
11:22 – x to snap x, y to snap y, b to snap x & y, n to disable snapping.
11:50 – to move a vertex or tangent on the curve press f inside a diamond (handle?) and just move the mouse. no need to click & drag. multi handed input is faster at live performance. trust me 🙂
13:05 – press space to apply the output curve of sine harmonic composer (see relevant video) to the waveform. press ‘ and (check your keyboard layout) to increase or decrease the samples of the sine harmonic composer.
13:33 – press 9 and 0 to scroll thru the waveform library.
13:40 – press LSHIFT + t to mirror the whole curve. in video, this reverses the reversed phase bezier sine waveform.
13:51 – press F1 for help on curve editor. use insert & delete keys to scroll console.
14:05 – mouse capture. F7 to start/end capture. F8 assigns capture to vertex/tangent under mouse cursor. F9 to detach mouse capture from vertex/tangent under mouse cursor.
15:20 – sine waveform composer. press g inside magenta levels to add/modify harmonic level. c to clear. h to toggle.
17:48 – LSHIFT + mouse move to compact the tone range under cursor. LCTRL + m to apply size to all ranges. this helps see the entire tone range of din when drones are extremely spaced out.
18:20 – aliasing at very high frequencies.
18:47 – u can expand ranges too using 17:48.
19:27 – for snapping drones to notes set snap_drones variable:

;# snapping drones to notes
set-var snap_drones 1 ;# long form
sv sd 1 ;# short form

sv sd 0 ;# snapping is off

see http://dinisnoise.org/set-var/ for list of din variables.

22:35 – get-drone command for querying drones.

get-drone num-drones OR
get-drone n

returns number of drones.

get-drone selected OR
get-drone s

will return list of selected drones.

see http://dinisnoise.org/get-drone/

23:30 – use set-drone command to set volume of a list of drones.

;# sets drones 7 and 8 to 0 and 1
set-drone volume {7 8} 0
set-drone volume {7 8} 1

see http://dinisnoise.org/set-drone/

25:45 – press z and x to octave shift the key of the scale. since drones are laid out on the tone ranges determined by the current key & scale, as the key shifts, the pitch of the notes of the scale shifts, the pitch of the drones shift too. use set-bpm command to control the rate at which this shift happens:

;# 1 beat per minute
set-bpm os 1

see http://dinisnoise.org/set-bpm/


press 7 to goto octave shift curve editor.


din is a software musical instrument for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux operating system. Download your evaluation copy at http://dinisnoise.org.

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