din drones demo

din drones demo

din is a free software musical instrument for the GNU/Linux operating system. Make music with just your mouse and keyboard. din supports JACK, OSC & MIDI.

din uses Bezier curves for almost all aspects of sound production –> waveforms, FM & AM, envelopes, drones and FX.

In this demo we create 143 drones — initially only on the key note, 4th and 5th notes but soon on all the microtones in-between. You can edit drones in bunches, change their levels, timbre and pitch all in realtime.

Scale: C Eb E F G Bb C (Raga Jog)
Key note: C

Download din at http://www.dinisnoise.org/

Follow din on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/al_dinja

On Facebook search for Al Dinja

Audio quality is better live because there is no audio artifacts due to video making, syncing & conversion; you can also resize the din board –> make it taller for more volume levels & have wider spaces between notes for more microtones.

Every pixel on the din board is a tone. Notes are tones too 🙂

Source: Vimeo