Build Your Own Drone Manual (Haynes Owners’ Workshop Manual)

Build Your Own Drone Manual (Haynes Owners’ Workshop Manual)

Today, drones are increasingly used for commercial and private enthusiast use, as well as for well-documented military operations. There is now a wide variety of ‘ready-to-fly’ drones and self-build kits available to suit all pockets and purposes. This extensively illustrated, practical manual takes a brief look at the origins and history of unmanned aircraft and drones, before explaining the various types of drones available today and their applications, along with a comprehensive guide to selecting the best components and equipment to suit a wide range of requirements. Three step-by-step example drone builds are provided – both fixed-wing and rotary-wing – to enable readers to build a bespoke drone to suit their own requirements. There is also a comprehensive guide to learning to fly a drone, with information on legislation and how and where to operate a drone safely. An essential guide for anyone contemplating owning or building a drone.

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KF says:

Logical and clear (as far as i can tell) Logical and clear with lots of pictures although haven’t started building yet. Discusses Legislation – UK not US which is good.

GW Roberts says:

It’s okay! It’s okay in typical Haynes manual style. However, it lacks detail, photography not particularly good or sharp in areas and certainly lacks detail in relation to commercial drones. Good for the amateur and the drone racer.

Amazon Customer says:

Two Stars Very basic

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