ARRI Alexa Mini drone footage

ARRI Alexa Mini drone footage

** UPDATE ** As of June 2015 we now own two Alexa Mini camera packages for use on our hyper-lift octos and optimized M15’s. We can fly a large variety of lens choices including Ultra Primes, Summicron-C’s, Zeiss super speeds, Cooke mini S4’s and the Optimo 15-40 among others. We also have WCU-4 remotes, for FIZ and full camera control while the system is airborne- which saves time and helps open up more creative possibilities. It’s great to not only change lens settings but also change ND, frame rate and ISO with the touch of a button on the remote. Please contact me with any questions or to book. ( @nick_kolias ) // //

I was very fortunate to be the first person in the world to fly ARRI’s prototype Alexa Mini camera back in November of 2014. At that time it was the only one in existence and still in alpha testing but we knew the moment we saw the output that this would be a big deal. The holy grail for drone work has been to match Alexa based footage from the ground and now we can do so with this beautiful little camera.

After that first flight we continued beta testing additional cameras through the first half of 2015. We have more experience with this system than anyone else in the world.

A huge thanks to Michael Jonas, all the guys at ARRI, Brad, Hugh, Tabb at Freefly and Casey and Danielle at Mindcastle for the opportunity! For more information about the camera please visit:

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