Arcade Duel Battle Infrared Laser Gaming Drones – Black/white

Arcade Duel Battle Infrared Laser Gaming Drones – Black/white

Product Features

  • Infrared lasers built-in to shoot at the other drone
  • These fighting drones are fun to play with friends
  • Unleash your creativity with the radical flips and rolls that you can perform
  • You can even add in more drones to make the battle even more spectacular
  • With two additional rechargeable batteries, so you can keep playing for longer


Mr J. says:

Well designed and great fun This has proved to be an excellent buy. My son loves it, uses it very often. It is very well designed – despite crashing it quite often, it is very well designed to take the knocks to be expected from learning to fly such a thing, unlike some other similar products I read about before choosing this one., as the blades are all protected by the flexible plastic rings around them, which can withstand knocks from normal use. So although it came with spare rotor blades, we have not needed them up to…

Joseph Williamson says:

Awesome starter drone. Great little starting drone.. I received it on Christmas day yesterday, the Auto Trim feature really makes it easier to fly….Would definitely recommend this to anyone before they buy a professional drone and bin it..

Bam Rees says:

Good entry level drone. Length:: 3:28 MinsĀ 

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