What Are the Advantages of an Analogue Watch

What Are the Advantages of an Analogue Watch

With the advent of the digital age, a lot of processes have been digitized. That certainly holds true for watches as well. The oldest watches were analogue. Only in the 70s and 80s did the digital watches become famous around the world.

Analogue watches have a beauty of their own. They stand for simplicity and elegance. One look at the analogue watches, offered by famous brands, such as Cartier and Gucci, would confirm the fact. Most adults prefer wearing analogue watches because they are stylish and come in more variety than digital watches.

We, humans, are analogous rather than digital; a glance at an analogue watch can convey to us an estimate of time. We find it easier to look at the two hands of the watch and tell time.

Analogue watches also allow us to use the faculties of our brain and keep it functioning. Instead of succumbing to the digitized media digital systems, it is better if we practice the various faculties of our brains and make use of them in our everyday life, be it for something as minuscule as telling time by looking at an analogue watch.

Take this to an educational level; children who are accustomed to digital watches would find it difficult to tell time on an analogue watch, whereas, children who use analogue watches would be able to tell time promptly on both analogue and digital watches.

Analogue watches have certain learning advantages attached to them. You can teach your child about the phases of the moon through his/her analogue watch. Children can also be taught to practice and learn fractions through the needles of an analogue watch. Analogue watches help children visualize concepts, which is difficult to do when making use of a digital watch.

We can benefit from analogue watches on other levels too. Take the example of a gas meter; the tilt of the needle alerts us to the fact whether something is wrong or not. If everything is working fine, the needle would be positioned in such a way so as to indicate to us at first glance that there is nothing wrong with the way it is functioning. But, when the meter is not working correctly or when there is too much or too less of gas pressure, the position of the needle alerts us that something is amiss and action needs to be taken to correct it.

Same holds true for a car petrol meter. If the petrol tank is empty, a single glance can convey this fact to us, whereby, we take appropriate measure. A full tank is indicated by the needle positioned in the appropriate manner. Had there been a digital representation of this data, the driver would never have found out whether he was driving the car with a tank that was half full or empty. Digital devices only convey information to us in the form of numbers, which may be precisely accurate but sometimes that is not enough.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; with concern to analogue watches nothing truer was said.

Source: Ezine Articles – John P Stevens