Unmanned: A Drone Story

Unmanned: A Drone Story



Welcome to Unmanned. This is not a how to be a drone pilot or how to run a drone business book. Although, if you approach it in that way, there are some gems that will help you short-cut some of the mistakes that I’ve made on this journey.

I’ll take you with me from those early days plane spotting with friends and messing around with RC models with my dad, to the disappointment and the realisation I couldn’t fly helicopters. The highs of that first flying lesson years later and then handling a fast jet at low level in the Scottish Mountains, from standing on top of Skye with Michael Bay to sheltering from the rain at Stonehenge with Anthony Hopkins.

As we run through this story, I’ll be using some acronyms and terms you may not be familiar with. Just scoot to the back of the book and you’ll find a glossary and some links out to additional resources.

It’s been a blast. Enjoy the story.

Matt Harmsworth