My DIY UAV Project

My DIY UAV Project

This video gives an overview of what the hobby of amateur UAVs, or drones, is all about. It reviews the hardware, software interface, flying with telemetry up-link and down-link, flying in simulation and a little about my projects as well.

I need to correct a point in my video. I say that the plane is flying “autonomously.” This is not accurate in that autonomous implies that the autopilot and the plane it’s controlling are making their own decisions and acting accordingly. It would be more accurate to state simply that the plane is following a pre-programmed route while under control of the autopilot.

Apparently the UAV industry is trying to get away from having the term “autonomous” applied to these systems. The industry would also like to get away from the term “drone,” but I think they might have to concede that battle.

Source: YouTube