Mariner Quadcopter Takeoff and landing from River

Mariner Quadcopter Takeoff and landing from River

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Best Quadcopter for water sports aerial filming over water. Feel free to land in water and float like a boat then take off.

FPV Factory Mariner Quadcopter, flight from river. This is for real. We take off from shore, fly over river without worries, then land in river, let the blades slap the waves, and take off again. The waterproofing on this quadcopter is superb and no matter even if motors submerge in water, they work just fine.

This makes the Mariner Quadcopter your best friend if you are in for flights over sea, rivers, lakes, rapids and or shoot water sports videos, and or fly over sea for fun, and or off course boat videos and surveillance over sea for search and rescue etc.

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