Burning Man 2014 by Drone

Burning Man 2014 by Drone

Burning Man 2014 As Seen by Drone

Pilots: Zubeyir, Ryan
Camera/DP: Zubeyir
Aircraft: DJI Phantom 2
Camera: GoPro Hero3+
Music: You Me, Disclosure/Flume remix

You can see more of my work at www.copteroptics.com and www.facebook.com/CopterOptics

This was my 13th burn since 2001. Every year has been so different with new sources of creativity and beauty which bring with them new challenges. In 2014, Burning Man and RCBRC created a registration system along with common sense rules for remote controlled aircraft at the event. As a professional aerial cinematographer, I was absolutely thrilled to bring my work home with me, to contribute my gear and skills to create something lovely that will remind my fellow burners of their little slice of home.

Want to see more great videos from a drone’s perspective? Want to learn to fly drones and capture your own stunning aerial footage? Then please operate safely and responsibly, and encourage those you see flying to do the same. Know your aircraft. Don’t put others at risk. And follow these rules: http://88nv.burningman.com/drones-rc/.

I can’t overstate how much I appreciate the work of Firefly and the RCBRC volunteers. Thank you for letting me be a part this trailblazing effort. You guys rock!

Source: Vimeo