Bose Ceiling Speakers: A Review of the Virtually Invisible 791 In-Ceiling Speakers

Bose Ceiling Speakers: A Review of the Virtually Invisible 791 In-Ceiling Speakers

There is only one set of Bose ceiling speakers: the Virtually Invisible 791 In-Ceiling Speakers. The name is known for its excellent quality, and this set of ceiling speakers definitely upholds the reputation of the company. This is an in-depth review of the product.

General Description

As in-ceiling speakers, these are excellent devices which can produce high quality sound. The speakers have a diameter of 10”, and each is 4.66” deep. The short depth of the device can easily stick into the ceiling without hassle. Each piece also weighs 4.73 pounds each, so they are very easy to assemble. They also don’t put much weight on the ceiling so you won’t worry about them falling from above.

The package of the device comes with the two speakers, two speaker grilles, and a template or paint shield. The paint shield serves as a protector for the speaker if you want to paint the frame of the speakers in the same color as your ceiling. The perfectly rounded speakers can blend discreetly on the ceiling, and you can create the most beautiful sound out of it. If you’ve got visitors, you can brag about the excellent sound system that you have, and your visitors won’t even know where they are coming from. These speakers save a lot of space and also produce great sound over the entire area of any room.

The only drawback that any buyer would find in this device is that it’s extremely expensive. For the quality, you wouldn’t mind much if it costs as much as it does, but for buyers who are tight with their budgets or who believe that there are devices which don’t cost much but have great performance, then this is not a very suitable model for them.


This set of Bose ceiling speakers feature several trademark Bose qualities that can only be incorporated in Bose products. The Stereo Everywhere speaker performance feature is designed to produce a balanced stereo sound even over a wide area, unlike other conventional home speakers that only send sound in a single direction. Each speaker has a 7″ woofer in the system which delivers deeper and smoother low notes for a more dramatic sound effect and extreme musical richness. Each speaker also has two strategically positioned tweeters which eliminate the need to position the speakers at an angle where you want to direct the sound. This allows the sound of the speakers to resonate all over the area, and not in a single direction only.

Other Features

This set of speakers is absolutely easy to assemble. The package comes with four clamp screws that perfectly match the speakers to easier fix them on the ceiling. It also has an infinite baffle design which needs no enclosure, since the ceiling itself becomes the enclosure of the speakers. However, the use of these speakers is limited only to drywall, plaster, or gypsum board ceilings. Installing them in drop ceilings is practically impossible, and they also aren’t designed for in-wall construction because they are almost 5” deep, which cannot fit in a standard wall depth of 4”.


This excellent set of Bose ceiling speakers is a perfect addition to your home entertainment system. If you want a set of speakers that can save a lot of home space, excellent music production, and high quality performance, the Virtually Invisible 791 In-Ceiling Speakers are what I highly recommend.

Source: Ezine Articles – Jacob Akshire