6 Types Of Industrial Robots You Can Go With

6 Types Of Industrial Robots You Can Go With

As an industry owner, there are many benefits that come with having a robot. Some of these benefits include: maximum productivity, better quality, increased safety, and consistency. To make it possible, there are many types of industry robots that you can go for. The most common are:


Also known as gantry or rectilinear robots, these units have three linear joints and use the Cartesian coordinate system (X, Y, and Z). To allow for rotational movement, the devices usually, have an attached wrist. Due to their design, you can use the units in heavy operations and precise operations such as creating detailed designs on a surface.


They resemble a spider and are built from jointed parallelograms that are connected to a common base. The parallelogram moves the items in a dome shaped work area. They are known for their delicate, precise movements. There are many areas that you can use robots. The most common areas where they are heavily used include: food, electronic, packaging, cleaning room, and pharmaceutical.


The robot design features rotary joints that range from one joint to more than 10. They are best known for their many areas including: bicep, wrist, rotating trunk, and shoulder. The arm is connected to the base of the robot and the links in the arm are connected by rotary joints.


This robot has one rotary joint at the base and one prismatic joint to connect the links. The rotary joint makes a rotational motion along the joint axis while the prismatic joint moves in a linear motion. When using them in your industry, place them in a cylindrical area.

Mobile robots

Over the years mobile robots have greatly advanced in intelligence, speed, and flexibility. They have also been shown to combine more than one motion and make autonomous navigation decisions beyond the automated guided vehicles (AGVs). They use different items for navigation. They use tracks, tapes, or guides for navigation.


These are remote controlled robots that you can use in many other applications other than in industries. You can also use them in scientific exploration, safety inspections, and many other places. You can mount them on other robots or use them individually.


These are the most common types of robots that you can use in your industry. Just like any other devices, there are genuine and counterfeit robots. When making the purchase, ensure that you buy from a reputable store selling high quality, genuine products.

Source: Ezine Articles – Idd Aziz